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Tasting Room

Saturday 1-6pm

Sunday 1-6pm

& By Appointment. Text or Call (281) 881-6395

Curbside/ Delivery

All Other times, schedule HERE

Construction on I-10 Exit 1 exit early coming from either direction

Our Story


 In November 2017, two wine lovers opened to bring the spirit of Texas and hospitality to Sealy, TX. We have a great assortment of wines that are full of flavor.  We are known for our variety of red wines, but also offer whites, rose,  and sweets. There is plenty of room to go outside, enjoy the country, and play a game of bags. Sit back on the patio, watch chickens, beautiful sunsets and our newly growing vineyard while swirling a glass of Cast Iron Wine. 

Did you know Cast Iron is Texas' state cooking vessel

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